Uniquely Me

Things that Interest Me


I have a very large assortment of games on the PC. My Steam account has over 200 games. I have about 100 on my XBox.
I started with FPS Games like Doom in 1993. I collected many titles relating to Doom and Quake.
I actually donated my collection to the Computer Game Hall of Fame in Ottumwa, IA.


I listen to almost all types of music. I do not like Soprano Opera, or Gangster Rap.
Everything from AC/DC to ZZ Top, Bluegrass to Zidaco. I have hundreds of CD's. Though no one really uses them anymore do they?


I'm a pretty big Sy-Fy fan. Action movies. I have really enjoyed independant films lately.
I have gotten tired of all of the same actors in all the movies. Give the new folks a shot!


The Arduino Microcontroller got me started into electronics. I have designed circuits and learned to program the controller.
Just small projects like a binary clock using a few LEDs.