Uniquely Me

Various projects I have worked on

APIMS - All Points Image Management System

All Points Image Management System is an robust application that supports AXIS network cameras.
Along with aquiring an image from the network device, details are stored in a SQL Database about a person so that they can be retrieved later,
 used to print images and related information, or just to maintain a history of gathered information. There is also a utility to move images between records should an Image be added to the wrong person's record.

APIMS Data Entry APIMS Search


A XNA Framework game that works on the XBox 360, Windows Phone, and Windows PC.

 Hexathon Screen Shot

Resistor Values

Application to help learn resistor values and to calculate tolerances.

screenshot of resistor values application

Circuit Calc

Application for very simple circuits to help learn about Voltage, Current, Resistance, and Power.

screenshot of circuit calc application


Tiny application to assist with some standard interface inputs and outputs in XPlane using UDP Protocol.

screenshot of UDPDataReader